• Ecoz-2020
    Ecoz 2020 - An online symposium for science lovers
  • Ecoz-2020
    ECOZ 2020 - Perfectly towards redesigning the fate of our future ecosystem

About ECOZ-2020

ECOZ-2020 is an online science symposium designed to discuss the cutting edge research and concepts for a better ecosystem (ECOZ) in the coming years. The ecosystem we mention here includes our agriculture, food, shelter, health care and last but not the least our environment. We invite the young learners of different nation to participate in this purely online symposium without any geographic barriers. Lets participate and perform.

Programme date - 30th and 31st January, 2020

What you need to speak/present in ECOZ-2020?

Participants can present their research works or concepts that can make our living ecosystem a better one. Presentation can include text, images, audio, video or mixture of all.

Know about the programme

What are important scientific areas this programme covers?
Environmental science and technology
Indigenous medicine
Biomedical science and engineering
Animal welfare
Civil, Electrical, electronic and mechanical engineering concepts (relevant to programme theme)
Information technology
Other applied scientific areas
Who can participate?
Professors, Lecturers, PhD & MPhil Scholars, PG and UG students can participate in this online symposium.
What is the participation procedure?
  • Interested candidates can register for the programme. The participants will be requested to pay INR 200 as participation fee (at the end of the online registration process).
  • Following the registration, a confirmation email will be sent to the participants.
  • On receiving the confirmation email, the participants should send an abstract of their research or concept (in word format; not exceeding 500 words) and their presentation (in .pptx format).
How the programme will be conducted?
The programme will be conducted completely online. The participants will be given user accounts to participate in the symposium. Accounts will be given a day before the event date, through email.
Is there is any prize for better performers?
One best performer will be selected from the participants and will be awarded a cash prize of Rs. 10000/- (India rupees) along with the hard copy certificate
5 better performers shall be selected for the second position. They will be awarded Rs. 1000/- (Indian rupee) each along with the hard copy certificate.
10 good performers shall be selected for the third position. They will be provided with certification.
All other participants will be provided participation certificate in hard copy format through post.
*Price money will be sent through bank (Via NEFT)
Registration fees

You can register for the programme and pay the fees using the following link. Kindly do not refresh or move back during the registration and payment process. The process will be completed only one when you receive the payment ID at the end.

(The registration fee will be the same for Indian as well as foreign participants. However, participants from abroad need to pay an additional fee for certificate postal charges. The fee varies based on country. Hence we request the foreign participants to communicate with our event manager before paying the registration fees. Click here to send your query)