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Food is the predominant supplier of energy to the body. Apart from providing energy, food also nourishes the life dimensionally. Such food is the product of agriculture. The efficiency of the agriculture practices determines the overall production of the food and meanwhile the methodology that we follow in the agriculture determines the quality of the food. Modern agriculture practice is principally supported by technology and chemicals. The chemicals are more reactive compounds hence they induce the agriculture produce in abundance but on the other hand these reactive chemicals produce innumerable side effects when they enter the food chain. Hence, the research of this decade is highly focused in minimizing the utilization of chemical entities in agriculture in different forms including pesticides, growth inducers, growth promoters, etc. The science and technology fields including biotechnology, nanotechnology, microbial technology and biochemistry are some fascinating research fields, which are consistently contributing to this eco-friendly research need. Our research team is now actively working with nanotechnology entities for slow, consistent and prolonged release of essential nutrients for plant's growth. Following the successful milestone, our research team is ahead in publishing the results and preparing to enter into the next phase of research. The research is being carried out for the favour of the society, and the research team is opened to hear the ideas and more demands from the public. Any interested agriculturist and environmentalist can put forth the research demands to the team for developing better innovations for a better tomorrow.

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