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Increasing application of bioinformatics in Indian industry

Increasing application of bioinformatics in Indian industry

Life science has many interdisciplinary sciences which have been measured with research outcomes in different fields. Bioinformatics, a field of life science that relates with biology and information technology tends to rule the world with various developments in tools and softwares that provide customised solutions to the problems in biological research.

Often many genomic databases developed are fundamentally organised and constructed with the support of bioinformatics. With this, we can be able to reproduce the latest softwares for diagnosing cancerous cells and cancer cure. This field has fascinated many sciences with the aim to ease the process of accessing scientific data through technology-based products. In India, most of the individuals are graduates in the field of Bioinformatics and the current scenario aids many career opportunities to those graduates within the nation in comparison to the previous scenario. Bengaluru is a central city that is called as the Silicon Valley of India because of the large number of information technology companies where bioinformatics too has its role.

Bioinformatics, the application field majorly involves the investigations and techniques followed in computational biology which mostly come from Bengaluru, Karnataka. This scenario has increased more career opportunities to the graduates and brought the fastest industrialization.

Jigsawbio, a company in Bengaluru is offering its products and services in the broader aspects, such as analytical, biopharma, cloud based and drug discovery. Their services cater the need of in silico drug analysis, gene designing, molecular docking, simulation analysis, protein modeling, software development, etc.

The company approaches with a unique idea of integrating wet lab-dry lab domain knowledge and serves their end users. This shows the more prevalence of this fascinating field.

Our BioLim Centre for Science and Technology (BCST) is currently involved in bridging the academic and industry gap in bioinformatics through bioinformatics projects produced more on industrial scope. Our research institute in Chennai (India) is boosting bioinformatics research works in a collaborative way with academic and research institutions and channelising implementation of the same in industrial scale.

The companies are usually described or listed in the laboratory article only to bring essential industrial knowledge to the learning community and not in any other terms of promotions to the industries.

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