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Researching with synergic effects


In our day-to-day life, the need for the medicines from plant sources has increased drastically. Till date, people and researchers have tried to evaluate medicinal uses of many common plants in various aspects, such as, finding the anti-bacterial activity, anti-oxidant activity, anti-inflammatory activity, etc. In due course there was a scenario prevailing that, the activities of any phytomolecule vary based on the environment in which it reacts. Further observation leads to new area of research usually termed as “Synergistic effects of phytomolecules”. Synergism deals with combined effect of one or more drugs (here the phytomolecules) that have increased effect than when used as a single component. Researchers started focussing on this and came up with varied results in different kinds of plant samples or drug molecules or solvents. Synergistic reactions produce various desirable results at the industrial scale and in terms of medicinal uses, which eventually leads to attract the researchers of BioLim Centre for Science & Technology (BCST) to work on it. Our applied plant science research group is actively engaged in measuring the synergic values of therapeutically potential compounds in some commonly used plants. The research outcomes are too positive and a research paper is being in the publishing pipeline and will be reaching the scientific dais very soon.

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