About BioLim Centre for Science & Technology


BioLim Centre for Science & Technology (BCST) is a private firm involved in providing services to Indian industries and Indian academia.

Our expertise lies in the important and fast growing sectors of Science and Technology including Nanotechnology, Fermentation technology, and Informatics, Plant and Environmental science.

Our industrial services includes new product development, product improvisation, regular product testing and other general contract research services. In addition, our organisation also involves in providing incubation support to the budding entrepreneurs and consulting activities to the Science based MSMEs.

Our academic services majorly involves human resource development activities to produce skilled manpower which is a substantial need of the science sector in the Indian sub-continent. In addition, our organisation is developing different cloud based products to bridge industry and academia.

Phone: +91 9952 112131
#159/385, Ground floor & Second floor, Konnur High Road, Near Indian Overseas Bank, Chennai, TN, India