Special internship (Summer 2020)

Special Internship in Chennai
Research is the best tool for transforming lives.

Depletion of natural resources through aggressive and improper usage, improper management etc., is being an alarming global issue. Water is one such natural resource. Though water is considered as elixir of life, it is going towards a extinct phase as the availability of potable water is alarmingly low. Our efforts towards water management are very less compared to its increasing scarcity worldwide.

Various measures under the research and implementation shelter are being practised at national and international level. In order to emphasise the importance of water research, as well as to imbibe such research needs in young minds, BioLim is now coming a step forward towards conducting a special internship which provide opportunity for young learners to involve in transforming research that could open new scope to improve the quality of potable water, treat waste water and improve water reclamation process. This series of transformational research is going to involve ideas, discoveries, or tools that radically change our ecosystem.

Area of focus
  • Water treatment and management through basic chemistry
  • Water treatment and management through applied plant science
  • Water treatment and management through microbiology
  • Water treatment and management through nanotechnology
  • Water treatment and management through engineering techniques

Minimum 10 days and maximum 15 days

Undergraduate and post graduates from science and engineering fields

Package:Internship kit and certificate

Programme months:
April, May and June 2020.

  • Seats for this special internship shall be given on selective basis only. It is applicable to certain states only. BioLim management decision is final on the selection process.
  • Participants need to attend minimum of ten days to fulfil the programme needs.
  • Participants need to actively participate in the research works based (both wet and dry lab)
  • Participant should make report at the end of the programme.
  • Participants can join and perform individually or as a team of two or more members.
  • Participants should arrange for their own accommodation, food and travel

Prizes and awards:

  • Winner (Best performer) of this special internship programme will be presented with ACTIVE YOUNG RESEARCHER WITH SOCIAL INTEREST AWARD
  • Top 6 performers will be given authorship in peer review publication.
Apply for the programme
+91 9952112131 (Call between 9.00 am to 9.00 pm)
#159/385, Ground floor & Second floor,
Next to Rudran Hospital, Konnur High Road,
Ayanavaram, Chennai, TN, India