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We provide essential science and technology education through a fast growing smart cloud learning system. BioLim online education is more than a mere online education and is motivated towards accelerated knowledge flow in the core subject of learning in association with extracurricular activities which leads to the achievement of productive measurable outcomes by every learner. BioLim employs the cloud system to educate the learners virtually. Virtual platform of BioLim can be accessed across any electronic device capable of communicating internet and can be accessed from any place through web. Books and other document based educating materials of BioLim uses the flash technology that brings livelier reading environment for the learners. Image and other video resources of BioLim bring more instructed way of learning and have been developed in simpler formats that show maximum compatibility with devices and browsers.

Special features

  • The online courses of BioLim are producing more valuable learners and helping them to explore further by stepping into higher education, research or academic or industrial career in their field of study.
  • Learners at BioLim receive an in-depth and intensive introduction to every fascinating subject that they pursue.
  • Learners can begin or advance an existing career in an exceptionally dynamic and potentially remunerable sector of interest.
  • Learners could attain a professional-level understanding of the course's subject, which can be uniquely beneficial and priming them for life-long careers in an extra-ordinary range of key industrial sectors.
  • Online courses of BioLim will provide the learners a real base for building a scope full career in the sector.
  • Learners can enhance re-entry skills and re-energise any career pause.
  • Successful candidates will benefit from the value added skills, knowledge and research opportunities, which will make them take up professional positions within the established organisations, R&D sectors and in public and private concerns of life science industries too.

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Research Diploma Courses
Social development depends directly on the development of science and technology research and its implementation. Understanding the demands of the society and performing research based on the demands, and channelising the research outcomes towards implementation is the responsibility of the research community. In return, the research community is segmented into different tiers consisting of different grades of people with different missions in their career. Due to the highest growing demands of both industrial and academic research, the time given for the learner to develop into a complete researcher is minimal and the development of phase of the budding researcher is almost through an informal education system. This further delays the career growth of the learner and also delays the research and development activities. Because of the time constraints and also based on the inexperience of the learners in research, the preference of the learners (freshers) for the research-based jobs are always questionable. Although our regular academic system helps the learners to involve in the research activities through certain research project assignments during the under or post-graduation, the fundamental mechanism of implementing such mechanism towards the development of a budding researcher is still at the novice stages.

Understanding the need of the society towards developing efficient researchers through a formal education system, BioLim is stepping in with the most knowledge proliferative research diploma course in life sciences, which is unique and first of its kind.

Innovation ecosystem in India is weakly connected with Industry and social demand. Hence, the research outcomes are underutilised by the MSME's and large industries. This measures the research and innovation rating of India. Our Research Diploma course mainly addresses the graduates, scholars and doctorates to build the fundamental supply chain to break such obstacles in doing research towards industry and social demand and innovate for industries and social development.

Supporting initiatives of the Government of India
Our courses are well aligned with the initiatives that are currently progressing in India, Notably Digital India and Skill India initiatives by the Government of India. BioLim which is pioneering in implementing digital mode in education since 2012 is now utilising the cloud technology to enhance the skill level of our human capital by connecting learners with the experts to enhance the learning and researching experience and channelising implementation. With these steps, BioLim is heading towards a healthy skill and innovation ecosystem in India by 2020.

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