Certificate course on nano drug delivery

Certificate course on nano drug delivery

Certificate course on nano drug delivery provides necessary insights over the fundamentals of novel drug delivery systems that employ nano-entities in the lead role.

The drug delivery is the most important section gaining attention in the pharmacology and thereby in the pharmaceutical research. Nano drug delivery faces the challenges of traditional delivery systems and brings out newer dimensions and opportunities for more effective delivery.

The course provides necessary insights on the preparation of nanomaterials for improving delivery, and extends towards characterising nanosystems, delivering potency, challenges and career opportunities of the sector.

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Modules in brief

  • Drug delivery: Overview
  • Challenges of traditional drug delivery system
  • Nano in drug delivery: Overview
  • Nanomaterials for drug delivery
  • Characterisation of nano drug carriers
  • Pharmacokinetics
  • Instrumentation in drug delivery
  • Opportunities and challenges
  • Nanoethics

Course duration

1 month

Scoring pattern

Examination - 50%
Assignments - 20%
Attendance - 15%
Active participation in learning - 10%
Successful completion of course period on time - 5%


PhD & Post-graduates in Science and Engineering (including M.Phil)
Undergraduates in Science and Engineering

Course fee

Rs. 2500/-

Mode of study

Phone: +91 9952 112131
#159/385, Ground floor & Second floor, Konnur High Road, Near Indian Overseas Bank, Chennai, TN, India