Certificate course on nanomaterials and their biological applications

Certificate course on nanomaterials and their biological applications

This certificate course on nanomaterials and their biological applications is provided and being conducted with the motive of improving theoretical and industrial perspective knowledge of the learners in the frontier field of nanotechnology with special considerations to biological applications. This smart certificate course covers introduction, synthesis aspects of nanomaterials and their applications in pharmaceutical and medicine, etc.

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Modules in brief

  • Introduction to nanotechnology
  • Nanomaterials: Overview
  • Synthesis of nanomaterials
  • Biological applications of nanomaterials
Course benefits
  • The course helps to understand the basics of nanobiotechnology.
  • The course gives the essential knowledge required for developing a professional career in the nanotechnology field.
  • Through the course, learners can explore more about the applications of nano in associated sectors.
  • The theoretical knowledge perceived provides a base for the learners to develop reasoning ability in nanotechnology that is very essential for further higher research in the sector.
  • The course helps the learners to find more updates of the current Indian and European trending in nanotechnology research.
  • The course helps the learners to get more academic and industrial experts interactions.
  • The participants will be evaluated by both academic and industrial experts and will be certified by both academy and industry.

Course duration

1 month

Scoring pattern

Examination - 50%
Assignments - 20%
Attendance - 15%
Active participation in learning - 10%
Successful completion of course period on time - 5%


PhD & Post-graduates in Science and Engineering (including M.Phil)
Undergraduates in Science and Engineering

Course fee

Rs. 2500/-

Mode of study

Phone: +91 9952 112131
#159/385, Ground floor & Second floor, Konnur High Road, Near Indian Overseas Bank, Chennai, TN, India