Certificate course on stem cells

Certificate course on stem cells

Certificate course in stem cells technology is developed for the learners who want to explore their theoretical understanding on the subject and extend the new frontiers of regenerative medicine being applied to envision the research. Cell biology is slowly and steadily revealing the potency of stem cells day-by-day. This course is aimed to improve more professionals in stem cells technology.

• Growing more professionals in stem cells technology will build a strong network for future demand in health care industry. The field of stem cells is opening greater and different channels for the medical field to handle existing critical issues in therapy.
• Stem cells are meeting the challenges with their regenerative ability and special gene nature.
• This online course aims to provide a better understanding of stem cells, which will open more ways in future for a better career.
• The course is suitable for those who want to understand the fundamentals, who want to think radically in the medical area in connection with cell biology, and who want to do more research and apply stem cells research.
• The course also aims to develop the learners to involve in various levels of learning process and improve the learners to gain knowledge on essential areas in stem cells sector.

Course code


Modules in brief

Basics of cell
Basics of stem cell biology
Applications of stem cells
Stem cells ethics
Current trends in stem cells

Course duration

1 month

Scoring pattern

Examination - 50%
Assignments - 20%
Attendance - 15%
Active participation in learning - 10%
Successful completion of course period on time - 5%


PhD & Post-graduates in Science and Engineering (including M.Phil) related to bio
Undergraduates in Science and Engineering - related to bio

Course fee

Rs. 3000/-

Mode of study

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