Hands on training programme in nanocoating for blood repellent biomedical devices

Biomedical training in chennai

Blood-repellent surfaces are needed in medical devices that come in contact with blood, which include implants that are placed in the human body, such as artificial valves and stents, and also medical devices that are used to handle blood outside the patient, for example, diagnostics, blood bags, and dialysis devices. The older approach is to use of different types of antithrombotic surface treatments, such as heparin, to prevent blood coagulation. However, these coatings are prone to wear off and hence not viable. Nanotechnology can give an effective solution for this through producing blood repellency via micro- and nanostructures instead of a biochemical coating. Blood is a challenging liquid to repel and many R&D works in developing biomedical devices are facing this challenge. This is a frontier sector where many research scopes are available.

Instruments & technical handling:
This skill development training includes scope to handle different instruments and technical handling including hydrothermal reactor, muffle furnace, spray machine and degree of hydrophobicity measurement using bioinformatics tools.

The training is more suitable for learners who are looking for further research in biomedical sector, R&D jobs and higher education in related subjects.

Short module

  • To produce nanoparticles using hydrothermal reactor
  • To evaluate the hydrophobicity of the nanomaterials
  • To apply the nanoparticles to coat biomedical devices and
  • To evaluate the blood repellent efficiency

Duration: 2 days

Eligibility: Learners and Teachers from any life science, Engineering (nano and biomedical) and medical field.

Package: Training kit and certificate

Training dates:
3rd batch: 25th to 26th April, 2020

Very early bird registration Rs.999 (Registering on or before 25th of March 2020)
Early bird registration Rs.1499 (Registering on or before 05th of April 2020)
Regular registration Rs.1999 (Registering on or before 12th of April 2020)
Late registration Rs.2499 (Registering on or after 20th of April 2020)
(There is no spot registration, as the seats are limited for the programme.)

Fees for BioLim alumni:Rs.999 (They can register between on or before 20th of April 2020)

Apply for the programme
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