Technician programme

BioLim provides essential short term training courses that blend and provide theoretical and practical knowledge about a specific technician role to the learners. The programme keenly focused on developing the candidate into a perfect technician in the chosen stream which could further develop the participant a more suitable candidate for the job and also boost their further researching skills with strong technical base. The programmes under the theme provided moves with the mission of developing employability skills to the life science students. The combinatorial skills developed during this course are must needed by the industries and hence helps the learners greatly.

At BioLim, we provide opportunity to improve the candidates' technical skills in bio field(s), which will highly empower the learning community to transform into professionals in academia, research or industry. The modules of the training programmes are designed in a way to provide more opportunities towards hands-on experience along with the theoretical knowledge.

List of training available

  • Microbiologist training
  • Phytochemist training
  • Food technician training
  • Nanochemist training
For detailed info on regular and weekend training kindly discuss with our relationship team @ 9952 11 21 31
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