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We are now accepting applications for summer internship 2022

An internship is a quality period a learner spent in an organisation to observe, learn, understand, and to practice a specific job role under the supervision of experts or mentors who have enough experience in the job role or the field.

An internship is a most essential period that every learner should go through to understand a real-time scenario about the specific job role, to understand the roles and responsibilities of the job role, expectations of the industry from the employee who recruited for that role, etc.

In terms of life science, there is a marked difference between an internship and hands-on training, academic projects, mini projects, etc. Each programme has a different scope and hence, a learner should be wisely choosing the same.

An internship programme is more dynamic and needful than training or mini projects. Training and mini projects deal with improving the learner in specific dimensions only; however, internship makes them developed for a single particular job role.

In simple words, internship determines a better career for a learner and the value of an internship is carried even after the completion of the college academic period of the learner. A learner should be wisely choosing the type of internship based on his/her career interest. As a skill development organisation, we, at BioLim are providing internships in the life sciences sector for different job roles. The internship at BioLim is designed by experts who have influential experience in that specific job role. Our regular internships are coupled with the mentoring session, hands-on practical session and documentation session. Our internship supervisors are designated to ensure the learners to attain the necessary combinatorial skills required for the specific job role.

List of internships available

These listed internships are of the regular kind. The candidate should come in person to our facility to attend the same. If you are looking for an online internship please click here.

Kindly do not compare BioLim job role internships with the programmes offered in the public and private research centres during summer and winter seasons. BioLim does not provide a stipend for the internships as we do not involve the interns to work in any commercial or income generation activities.

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