Internship on product developer role in food

Internship on product developer role in food

About programme

General description

Product developer is the special job role, in which the employed candidate involves various activities necessary for developing a new competitive product for the industry and also involves in improving the existing product portfolio. This job role demands product planning, product development research, market research, co-working with manufacturing personalities, product prototype development etc.

Programme specific description

This product developer job role in food is an essential designation in the food production, processing and packaging industries. This job role involves a dynamic approach towards new food product development or improving the existing food products. It involves market research, lab research, upscale production, product analysis and launch of the product in the market. Any learner who wants a prominent and effective position in the product development of the food industry can benefit from the programme greatly. The growth of food based FMCG companies is in exponential phase all around and hence this getting trained in this job maximises the scope for a better food career.


  • We, BioLim, are providing scope for the learners who are pursuing graduation and also for those who have completed the graduation to undergo this internship to understand the specific roles and responsibilities of the product developer role in food along with necessary practical skills.
    • During this internship tenure we provide dynamic opportunities for our interns to develop essential skills, such as technical and fundamental skills necessary for research.
      • Our consistent effort during the internship period helps the interns to gain multiple skills required for the product developer role in food. The programme is framed by industrial and technical experts who have a handful of experience in the sector and the job role.

Programme suitability

  • Learners who want to become a product developer in the food sector can join this programme.
  • Freshers who got places in the food sector and want to accelerate their performance in the industry can prefer this programme.
  • Learners who want to practise skills that are necessary for a food product developer can choose this programme.
  • Learners who plan to apply for product developer roles in relevant industries, can participate in this product developer internship and gain the much needed skills.
  • Learners who want to pursue a masters degree abroad relevant to product making in a competitive environment can choose this product developer internship.
  • Learners who want to learn the fundamentals of utilising research outcomes, performing product oriented up scaling research, demand analysis, regulatory analysis, etc., can prefer this product developer internship.

Programme specifications

Specifications Details
Programme duration 15 days
Programme code BRI003
Programme mode Regular
Programme type Regular

Programme module

  • Mentoring on roles and responsibilities of the product developer in food
  • Concept development and improvement
  • Experimental skill development
  • Interpretating skill development
  • Reporting and documenting skill development

Scoring pattern

Technical, Documenting and presenting skills
Attendance, punctuality, on-time completion, Attitude
Implementation efforts


  • The applicant should be a citizen of India.
  • The applicant should be having or pursuing degree in the stream of science and technology in any government approved institution/college/university. The age of the applicant should have been completed 18 years on the joining date.
  • The age of the applicant should not exceed 29 at the time of joining.
  • School students and diploma students are not eligible for this course.
*For finding your eligibility please speak to our academic counsellor

Programme fee details

Enrollment fee is applicable for the programme. The enrollment fee varies based on the duration of the internship, stream chosen etc. Group participants and our alumni are eligible to get partial fee waiver. Hence we request you to apply for the programme to get the exact enrolment fee amount.

Fee note

We charge an enrolment fee for the learners who opt for our internship. The enrolment fee is collected for mentoring, lab utilities, evaluation, certification services etc. The enrolment fee is unavoidable as we do not involve in any commercialisation of our intern works.

Programme venue (Partner laboratory)

True Amigo, KK Nagar, Chennai, TN, India

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