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Research space programme
We are now accepting applications for mini summer research projects 2022

There is always a lot to speak how research has changed the world. Now the question is how research is going to change your life? An innovation is an overall value produced from a futuristic thought through any form of research. We understand the value of innovative thoughts and this research projects facilitation programme is all about providing space, mentorship and incubation to make your research reach its destination.

The programme is specially designed in a way to provide necessary opportunity to the students of science and technology discipline to work in valuable research projects which is a part of their curriculum. The scope of the research projects at BioLim is beyond the academic expectations, and sail towards industrial expectations.

Salient features
  • Students joining for research projects will be mentored with essential research and implementing insights
  • Students joining for research projects can avail research facility 8 hours per day during their project period
  • Project students will be given access to thousands of BioLim's standard operating procedures during the project period which helps them to finish the experiments in timely manner and also helps to achieve reproducible results under the GLP regime.
  • Project students will also be assisted with the closed or selective access articles from reputed publishing bodies for improving their research standard
  • Project student will be guided to write his/her own dissertation/thesis as per his/her university norms.
  • Project students will be assisted in writing research papers and assistance will also be extended in peer reviewed journal communication. The authorship will also be given for project student's internal guide and department head, with necessary inputs from their end.
  • Many PG and hostels are available for student accommodation near BioLim venue

Fee structure
The laboratory fee charged for the programme is nominal. The fee for vary based on the duration and stream. Hence you are requested to apply for the programme in order to obtain the right fee. Group participants shall be eligible for fee discounts.

More than 950 bachelor and master students from different parts of Tamil nadu, Kerala, Andra pradesh and rest of India has completed their research projects in BioLim since 2009.

Cluster projects

You can join in any of our project clusters for performing your under-graduation or post-graduation research project(s).
  • You will be given all lab chemicals and lab wares required for the project at no additional cost, which includes the special chemicals too.

  • Our mentors involve in the research work to modify/improve the experiments to reach the research goals and will stand by the research cluster whenever needed.

  • Charges of the higher charaterisation studies part such as SEM, TEM etc., will be borne by our institution itself.

  • Complete mentor support will be given.

  • Authorship will be given when the cluster research work is published.

  • Web tool support will be given for thesis writing and you will be given thesis correction support by the mentor (if needed).

  • You will be working in a team.

  • The clusters perform the research work of our institution and hence the institution holds the IP of any innovative outcome of the research.

  • No IP claim can be made by you and hence you cannot commercialise the product.

  • You cannot publish the research outcome without consent of our institution.

  • You cannot include any of your internal guide or mentors for your work without the consent of our institution.

  • You can use the work only for your dissertation submission and nowhere else.

  • You can choose your research stream only based on the available cluster at that time.

  • You will be working in a team.

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Standalone projects

You can make your own proposal and get it approved by our research team and you can start working on your project.
  • It will be your own research work. No IP claim will be made by our institution. You can use the outcomes of the work anywhere as you needed.

  • You can publish the research work where ever you want without the consent of our institution.

  • You can include any of your internal guide or mentors for your work, and BioLim will not be involving in your decisions.

  • You can develop products through this programme and you can commercialise the same.

  • You can choose your research area from the list of available streams according to your interest.

  • You will be working individually.

  • Mentor support will be given

  • You will be given basic lab chemicals and lab wares. But if your project demands any special chemical you should be purchasing the same.

  • You cannot expect our mentors to involve in the research work directly to modify/improve the experiments as it is not research work of our team. However, you can get guidance from them.

  • You have to write thesis on your own. Only preliminary corrections will be done by our mentors.

  • You have to bear the charges of the higher charaterisation studies part such as SEM, TEM etc.

  • You will be working individually.

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