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We are now accepting applications for Summer training programme - 2022

India is having a competitive population with increasing number of working age people. It was projected that, by 2025 the world will be facing the shortage of skilled manpower and India would be the global reservoir of skilled manpower. This has created an alarming demand to improve the current learners to improve them with industry relevant skills related to various important and challenging areas through which they could fulfil the growing working manpower demand globally. A greater volume of candidates who finish college every year, fail to find a job in his field of interest due to the lack of effective skills. More than 43% of Indian employers find difficult to fill the job vacancies due to poor or nil skills among the pass out applicants. In this scenario, the requirement of skill development training is high in all the sectors including the bio sciences. On this contest, BioLim Centre for Science and technology, Chennai is providing skill development training programmes is thriving with a mission of producing thousands of skilled man power in the bioscience sectors by the year 2025.

Salient features
  • Our training covers basic techniques, applied techniques, instrument handling, and specific job roles
  • Our training programmes develop the candidates with effective practical skills in the respective module
  • Our training programmes improve the vision of applying the learned skills
Our programmes are designed in a way to support the needs of different class and levels of participants.
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