Technology boosting services


Research and development is uplifting our society and mankind every second through the hard work at research benches and further implementation of the research outcomes. Implementation of the scientific research outcomes, which is usually done by the industries, takes the research to the end-user in the form of a product or a process. We at our BioLim research bench constantly develop essential innovations, process up-gradation, process optimisation, informatics tools etc., which is substantially needed for the Indian SMEs in an open access way.

Our principal working areas are Nanotechnology, Microbial fermentation technology, Food technology, Informatics, Plant and Environmental sciences. Indian SMEs looking for open access knowledge resources and innovations in the above mentioned sector can approach our team to enroll in open innovation boosting scheme.

Some of our implemented outcomes in food technology are Instant ginger Green Tea, Instant Green Coffee, Instant Panagam, Millet cakes etc.

Please send us your queries. We are happy to support you.