Lyne El Badaoui testimonial

My internship in the cancer biotechnologist role has been a rewarding experience. Through this program, I have obtained both a theoretical and practical understanding of cancer. As a passionate bioengineering graduate student who completed her master’s thesis on a cancer-related topic, it has been an immense pleasure for me to have pursued this remarkable learning opportunity, and I am extremely satisfied with how much I have learned about cancer molecular techniques and laboratory management. This internship has provided me with a valuable perception on the importance of early diagnosis, prevention, and the appropriate cancer treatment that should be applied. I would like to express my gratitude to the BioLim mentor panel and the entire platform for the supportive and warm learning environment that enabled me to utilize my acquired abilities and experiences to complete the assigned tasks. This internship has provided me with an immense recognition of the importance of cancer biotechnology, which will prove valuable when I consider pursuing my Ph.D. studies in the near future.

Lyne El Badaoui

From Bahçesehir University , Lebanon

Pursued Internship Programme (Internship on cancer biotechnologist role) in BioLim

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