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    BCIL Biolim
    BioLim Centre for Science & Technology - A member organisation of BCIL - Biotech Consortium India Limited.
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    nano drug delivery training in chennai
    This December, get hands on training on nanofibre based drug delivery
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    Improve your technical skills
    Implement our country's mission in improving our skill potency
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    Your research destination is beyond your imagination. Find a better path for your innovations here.
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    Make your research skills as the key for your industrial entry

About BioLim Centre for Science and Technology

BioLim Centre for Science & Technology (BCST) is a social enterprise involved in providing services to industries and Academia. We are located in Ayanavaram, Chennai, Tamil nadu and our expertise lies in the important and fast growing sectors of Science & Technology including Nanotechnology, Microbial fermentation technology, Food technology, Informatics, Plant and Environmental sciences.

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Online certificate courses

BioLim being a skill development partner is identifying gaps between the theoretical and practical knowledge of the manpower. The gap further increases the implementation of the skills acquired. In order to bridge the same, BioLim is focusing on online courses to potentially improve the theoretical knowledge of the learners in a highly simplified way. Click to know more about our online courses

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Join our upcoming online symposium ECOZ-2020

ECOZ-2020 is an online science symposium designed to discuss the cutting edge research and concepts for a better ecosystem (ECOZ) in the coming years. We invite the young learners of different nation to participate in this purely online symposium without any geographic barriers. Lets participate and perform.

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Weekend training in nanotechnology instrumentation and biotechnology techniques

We are happy to introduce our basic and applied weekend training programme. BioLim being a pioneer in developing essential research skills in graduate and post graduate learners since 2009 is now into technical skills which is of highly needed for career development in R&D and industrial level. The learners can pursue the short term training programme in a flexible way in the weekends.

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Scope for young researchers at BioLim

Projects are one of the parameters in undergraduate and post graduate curriculum of Indian academia. Most of the students are approaching it in a form of a task or training or a course etc. But projects are the preliminary opportunity given for the under and post graduate students to expose themselves into the research. BioLim uses this word "Project" more precisely. We give respect to the word in the same way we give respect to the research and development.

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+91 9952112131 (Call between 9.00 am to 9.00 pm)
#159/385, Ground floor & Second floor,
Next to Rudran Hospital, Konnur High Road,
Ayanavaram, Chennai, TN, India