Debdatta Biswas testimonial

I'm happy to give feedback for the Nanotechnology course that I just finished as a student of B.tech Biotechnology. My knowledge and understanding of the intriguing field of nanotechnology have grown a lot as a result of this programme. The program's curriculum was carefully planned, including a wide range of subjects such as nanomaterials, nanofabrication technologies, characterization techniques, and applications in numerous sectors. A well-rounded learning experience was guaranteed by the knowledgeable faculty members' thorough study materials and assignments. The emphasis on real-world applications and their repercussions was one feature that really stood out. Throughout the entire programme, the teachers provided great direction and assistance. I am convinced that the knowledge and abilities I have obtained from this nanotechnology programme will be very helpful to me in my future endeavors, whether they involve pursuing cutting-edge nanotechnology research or aiding in the creation of novel biotechnology industry solutions.

Debdatta Biswas

From Amity University, India

Pursued Foundation Programme (Certificate course on nanobiotechnology) in BioLim

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