How to do a mini project for college curriculum through BioLim?

Mini project (also termed as mini research project or summer project or winter project) is one of the requirements of college curriculum for both undergraduate and postgraduate programmes of Biotechnology, Microbiology, Nanotechnology, Biochemistry, Applied botany, Advanced zoology. The major motive of this curriculum requirement is to make the students get exposure to the research practices in a shorter duration during their winter or summer holidays. This exposure is purposely asked since this exposure could help the student to frame and perform an effective research project for his/her UG/PG dissertation work. 

During the mini project the student gets exposure over the subject area, research methods, lab techniques and they get hands-on experience too. The major takeaways in a mini project is students could learn how to work on a research objective and how to prove the same through research experiments. If you are a student or group of students who want to pursue a mini research project, then BioLim is the perfect place for you. We, BioLim, provide scope for you to perform mini research projects under our RESEARCH PROGRAMME channel. You can carry out a mini project for a maximum of 30 days (1 month). 

If you have your own concept and want to make a try on that new concept, you can do that using our programme called SELF INTERESTED RESEARCH PROGRAMME.

If you do have any new concepts to work with, but if you want to get exposure on performing research experiments and interpret the results to build your skills, you can do that using our programme called CLUSTER RESEARCH PROGRAMME

You can apply for a programme and talk to our counsellor to get more updates on the same.