What are the different programmes available in microbiology?

We BioLim as a skill and research development organisation work in various sector of science & technology since 2009. Among the sectors we work in, the microbiology sector impresses us more through its dimensional nature. Microbiology is an important subdiscipline with subjects such as bacteriology, mycology, virology, parasitology, algology etc have influence in different sectors including cell biology, immunology, biotechnology, genetic engineering, fermentation technology, food, biomedical and pharma.

Microbiology skills are much needed for a learner to get into advanced research in life science and to join research, testing and production based jobs in the industries. Understanding the need for microbiology based skills for the learners, We BioLim, have launched several programmes in microbiology which start from 10 days to 90 days.

Our programme in the domain aims to develop theoretical knowledge in microbiology, technical skills, instrument handling, job role knowledge, industrial regulations, research methodologies, advanced research concept formulation and so on. 

The following are our programmes that deal with microbiology. 

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