Certificate course on nanobiotechnology

Certificate course on nanobiotechnology

About programme

The era of nanotechnology is ever growing from the day it was first addressed by Dr. Richard Feynman in his speech "There's a plenty of room at the bottom". There are more innovations coming out of nanotechnology research and is being applied dimensionally in varied sectors. The multiple functionalities of nano-objects and relatively lesser production cost making them centre of attraction in many scientific disciplines. Bio sector too is not exempted by the influence of nanotechnology.

The performance of nano in biotechnology, precisely nanobiotechnology is ever expanding. From providing excellent scope for developing cutting edge technology tools in life saving medicine to remediate and to protect environment, nanobiotechnology is becoming irreplaceable part of development.

We identify the subject as more important frontier field and hence we bring this course the learners who really want to explore the fundamentals of nanobiotechnology.

Programme suitability

  • The course is suitable for any learner who wants to learn and explore the subject stream of nanobiotechnology.
  • The course is suitable for interdisciplinary researchers who want to learn fundamentals about nanobiotechnology to improve their current research works.
  • The course is suitable for the professionals who have got placement or about to get job in industries related to nanotechnology, nanotechnology related chemical and equipment manufacturers and suppliers etc.
  • The course is suitable for learners who have nanobiotechnology as elective in their academic curriculum and want to get fundamental knowledge on the same to excel in their elective subject examination.

Programme specifications

Specifications Details
Programme duration 30 days
Programme code BOC002
Programme mode Online
Programme type Online

Programme module

  • Introduction to nanobiotechnology
  • Synthesis in nanobiotechnology
  • Overview on different nanoparticles and nanomaterials
  • Applications of nanobiotechnology
  • Ethics, regulations, commercialisation & research trends of nanobiotechnology


  • Post Doc, PhD. and M.Phil. in science and engineering (related to Bio, chemical and nanotechnology)
  • M.Pharm and B.Pharm
  • M.Tech., M.E., B.E. and B.Tech., in engineering and technology (related to Biology and nanotechnology)
  • M.Sc. and B.Sc. in science (related to Biology, nano or basic sciences)
*For finding your eligibility please speak to our academic counsellor

Programme fee details

Course fee is applicable for the programme.
Our course fee varies based on your country, as well as based on the eCertificate or hard copy certificate preference, extended course duration or extended learning support etc.
Our alumni will be getting part of the fee waiver too.
Hence we request you to apply for the programme to get the exact fee amount.

Fee note

The fee vary based on your country as well as the features you are expecting in your course of interest. We are always happy to serve the best. Feel free to interact with our admission counsellor. Click here to request a call back.

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