Externship on biopharmaceutical industry


Externship on biopharmaceutical industry

About programme

Why externships?

School and college education focuses on making the learners understand the fundamentals of science and the way of applying the fundamental knowledge in a process or product making. While learning the fundamentals in their respective educational institutions, the learners should also enter into other modes of productive, practical oriented learning from applied institutions and industries. Industrial visits, In-plant training, Internships, apprenticeships, externships etc are some of the scope additionally available for the active learners to expand their applied knowledge.

Among these different channels, externships are special, short, career oriented programmes that are offered to the learners by industries to make the learners understand about different job roles and operation model of industrial setups, which will ultimately trigger their applied knowledge and urge them to further develop skills needed for industries.

Externships are usually encouraged for high school students and graduation learners since it is highly needed for these learners to understand the industrial platform for which they are currently learning and building skills. However, it is quite impossible for every student to get externships in different industries of different sectors. We, BioLim, understood the need of externships for young students and carefully designed this very short term industry based virtual/online externship with the help of internal and advisory experts.

About this externship

Biopharmaceuticals are pharmaceutical drugs that were produced from or using living organisms (both from natural and genetically modified ones). The field is empowered through a range of scientific disciplines such as biochemistry, plant science, microbial science, animal sciences, pharmacology, biotechnology, engineering etc. Biopharmaceuticals are one of the important sources of medicine for a variety of diseases including diabetes, cancer and so on. Biopharmaceutical industry exists in a stand alone way or as a part of a general pharmaceutical company in researching, producing, packing and supplying biopharma products on a large scale around the world. This short term externship programme provides you a complete overview on the biopharmaceutical industry, its mission, operation parameters, organisation structure, different departments, production, supply, quality control, career scope and so on.

Programme suitability

  • The programme is suitable for undergraduate and postgraduate students who want to explore the biopharmaceutical industry.
  • The programme is suitable for learners from pharmacology and biotechnology to understand more about industrial working of the biopharma sector.
  • The programme is suitable for learners from business management and administration streams (with basic biology knowledge) to explore more about the biopharmaceutical industry.
  • The programme is suitable for PhD research scholars who are currently working in biopharma research to get a short glimpse of industrial relevance of research.

Programme specifications

Specifications Details
Programme duration 7 days
Programme code BOE001
Programme mode Online
Programme type Online

Programme module

  • Overview on biopharmaceuticals
  • Different departments of biopharmaceutical industry
  • Research and development in biopharmaceuticals
  • Production in biopharma
  • Distribution system in biopharma
  • Different job roles in biopharma
  • Career scope in biopharmaceutical industry
*To get a detailed view on the modules and about the modes of learning, please talk to our counsellor.
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  • The applicant should be having or pursuing degree in the stream of science and technology in any government approved institution/college/university.
  • The age of the applicant should have been completed 18 years on the joining date.
  • The age of the applicant should not exceed 24 at the time of joining.
  • School students are not eligible for this version of the programme.
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Programme fee details

Programme fee is applicable. The fee varies based on your additional service preference and duration. Group participants and our alumni are eligible to get a partial fee waiver. Hence for knowing the exact fee amount, please apply for the programme and talk to our counsellor. During the verification call, the counsellor will be informing you the exact fee.

*Kindly be informed without going through your application, the counsellor cannot inform you the exact fee.
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