Vaishnavi Manish Umbrajkar testimonial

Hello firstly thank you so much for providing such a detailed experience of animal tissue culturing and the role of a technician in animal tissue culturing within a limited span of time. The whole internship really provided a brief knowledge of how laboratories and scientists work and how certain factors play an important role like the role of a technician. The syllabus was well framed and the day wise topics allotted were very well planned as it gave us a brief knowledge step by step. This internship, animal tissue culturing being one of the subjects that I am learning academically at my institute too, so this internship really helped me understand a lot of difficult topics in an easy manner and gave me an idea on the practical approach and not just theoretically. The videos were really helpful in understanding topics that were hard to understand by reading. The everyday tasks that I had to do in this internship really made me build up my skills of being consistent and made me disciplined to submit my work in time. This internship also helped me to build my brain and thinking process and it enhanced my thinking skills to question and be curious and allowed me to explore the researcher and scientist in me. Sorry if I have failed you in any task or if I have not been able to fulfil the expectations in any form, and Thank You so much for providing a golden opportunity and enhancing my knowledge and uplifting my interest in science even more.

Vaishnavi Manish Umbrajkar

From MES Abasaheb Garware College Pune, India

Pursued Internship Programme (Online internship on animal cell culture technician role) in BioLim

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