Is there a food science, food technology and food engineering related regular programme available in BioLim?

Life science is an important domain which comprises varied subdomains which boost science and technology immensely, produce and supply essential products and provide necessary services to the people for a better living. Among the various subdomains, the food sector gains more importance because of the essentiality of food products to mankind. Every country irrespective of the GDP growth rate contains at least a minimum number of food companies to supply the essentials to their public. Hence there is no scarcity of opportunity in the food sector. The job opportunities range from basic production level to high level professionals in the sector. 

Research and development sector jobs in the food sector have a high amount of responsibilities in producing a new quality product or improving the existing ones for the market. The food industrial recruiters focus on recruiting passionate people with professional knowledge and skills in food product development. Therefore in order to get recruited in the food industry and want to be a part of this rewarding industry for a longer time, a learner must gather knowledge and the required skill set to understand product specific research with innovations. In order to achieve the same,  We, BioLim, have brought a series of industrial relevant process & product oriented regular internship programmes in the food sector to boost dynamic research related skills among the learners.

Our regular internship programmes related to food are as follows: