Darshan Shetty testimonial

This was like my very first internship, so I didn't know what to expect and like I had no expectations and went in blindly. I thought this would be more based on theory topics like the one i'm studying in my master's program but this was not. And it was good because as it was different from my usual, select a topic, study the theory and omit the same in the assignment and exam sections. I needed this change and I'm glad to have chosen this internship because before joining I had zero knowledge about research or anything remotely close to research. So I gained a lot of knowledge that will be really useful in the coming days as I want to pursue research and get my doctorate degree also which is like my dream. So I learned a lot starting from research, literature collection, segregating those selected literature, choosing a problem and how that research problem will play a major role in my result, designing the research, budgeting the literature, implementation of the result and commercialization of research among other things also. I got to study probiotics which honestly speaking I haven't really heard of before joining here. And I learnt about the whole process of probiotic production and all things used in the process in depth. Overall I have to say it was a new experience for me but it was a good one nonetheless.

Darshan Shetty

From Reva University, India

Pursued Internship Programme (Online internship on research associate role) in BioLim

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