Can I do my major research project in BioLim?

Research projects are currently a mandate for all UG/PG/PhD students to get their academic degrees. Not only for students but also for all the researchers of small-scale industries as well as micropreneurs who want to develop new products also require a laboratory for pursuing their ideas and innovation for developing a product. We at BioLim, give a major focus on applied research since our beginning. With our expertise mentorship and with our partner labs, we are providing the perfect scope for students and entrepreneurs to involve in research.

At BioLim we encourage two types of research projects such as self-interest research programmes and cluster research programmes. Self-interest research projects bring innovation and invention from your own research plans, we provide mentorship services and laboratory services to execute the research plan and make it successful. This self-interest research project is applicable for all UG/PG/PhD research learners to execute their dream research plans with the help of our expertise mentorship. The participants own the intellectual property. In case the participant wants to publish the work, our mentors will support them in the writing and publishing process. 

Cluster research programs provide scope for the learners to involve in research concepts which are being worked on by our research clusters. Our clusters focus on industrially and socially relevant research works which are of socio economic importance. The research plan will be given from our end and the learner can work along with our cluster members to execute the same. Effective participants will get an authorship opportunity in the research works being published by our clusters. 

Following are the useful links to read more about our research programmes

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